ARTE Prize for European Short Film – Oberhausen Festival

by mariakappa


Return to Aeolus street (2013) won the ARTE Prize for European Short Film at the 60th Oberhausen International Short Film Festival (Germany)

The Awards

Award ceremony: Tuesday, 6 May 2014, 7 pm, Lichtburg Filmpalast, Oberhausen

Stills of award-winning films can be downloaded from the press section of

The 60th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen ended with a marked audience increase on 6 May 2014. Almost 19,000 visitors attended film programmes, discussions and other events – 33 of 82 programmes were sold out.
The festival showed around 440 films from 66 countries, including 134 in its five competitions. All in all, a total sum of 40,750 euros were awarded in prize money.
The Theme programme „Memories Can’t Wait – Film without Film“ was especially popular, with eight of ten events sold out.
The Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen this year goes to Paraguay for Federico Adorno’s film La Estancia.
The 61st International Short Film Festival Oberhausen will take place from 30 April to 5 May 2014.


Awards of the International Competition

Prizes awarded by the International Jury
Members of the International Jury:
Vassily Bourikas (Greece), John Gianvito (USA), Shai Heredia (India), Bjørn Melhus (Germany), Aleksandra Sekulić (Serbia)

Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen
La Estancia
Federico Adorno, Paraguay 2014, 14 min, DCP, colour

Through a succession of subtly constructed tableaus, this powerful film is a profound critique of systematic oppression. Instigated by a massacre amidst a land-rights conflict in Paraguay, this haunting work transcends the local context to voice the struggle for essential freedoms.

Principal Prize
Gangster Backstage
Teboho Edkins
France/ South Africa 2013, 37 min 30 sec, file, colour

By turns intense and gentle, this genre-bending film explores the complex reality of living on the edge, and engaging with imminent death in the everyday. Through an investigation of intimate narratives which shift between the stage and the backstage, this sensitively made work is an outstanding approach to film portraiture.

ARTE Prize for a European Short Film
Epistrofi stin odo ailolu
Maria Kourkouta
France/Greece 2013, 14 min, DCP, b/w

A filmmaker performs cultural memory in her effort to reclaim a sense of belonging. With passionate use of appropriated filmic materials, poetry, text and music, this is a multilayered and evocative work of film art.

Special Mentions of the International Jury

Aryan Kaganof
South Africa 2014, 26 min 30 sec, file, colour

A testimony to how our perception of an ongoing social injustice is framed by societal and media mechanisms and a suggestion on how these could be dismantled.

Konrad & Kurfürst
Esther Urlus
Netherlands 2014, 7 min, 16 mm, colour

For its alchemical “re-imagination” of a historical moment, a special mention goes to this exceptional work of artisanal practice.

Măt trói đen
(Black Sun)
Truong Quê Chi
France/Vietnam, 2013, 13 min, file, colour

A minimalist exploration of urban anxiety, this meticulously shot film is an accomplished investigation of narrative strategies in cinema.


Awards of the German Competition

Members of the Jury of the German Competition:
Isolde Barth (Munich), Manfred Hermes (Berlin), Stefan Römer (Berlin)

Prize for the best contribution to the German Competition
5,000 Euros

Sieben Mal am Tag beklagen wir unser Los und nachts stehen wir auf, um nicht zu träumen
Susann Maria Hempel
Germany 2014, 18 min, file, colour

The re-enactment of a specific East German post-1989 experience. Its horror and cruelties are performed with fragments of an exploded doll’s house. In simple kinetics set in motion by nylon strings, objects and parts of dolls become actors in a scenario of suffering and sexual abuse.
In Sieben Mal am Tag beklagen wir unser Los und nachts stehen wir auf, um nicht zu träumen, the artist and director Susann Maria Hempel constructs a drastic tableau of Thuringian case studies, moving with the sureness of a sleepwalker between various object levels, idiomatic speech, writing and singing.
The sexual charge lies not only in the accusations of traumatisation suffered in the past, it also emerges in a strong fascination with transgression. Horror and cuteness are inextricably linked.

3sat Promotional Award
2,500 Euros
For a contribution with a particularly innovative approach.
In addition the award includes a buying option on the awarded work to be broadcast on 3sat.

Imraan, c/o Carrom Club
Udita Bhargava
Germany 2014, 13 min 30 sec, DCP, colour

Director Udita Bhargava reveals confidently framed insights into the environment of a Carrom Club in Mumbai. In this gambling den in a predominantly Muslim slum we meet men with diverse backgrounds as petty criminals who at first sight seem equally childlike and macho. This sub-culture, whose members behave like perpetrators as well as objects, revolves around its precocious operator Imraan.
The stylistic confidence and sensual imagery of Barghava’s camera are equally inspiring.

Special Mentions

L’Amour sauvage
Lior Shamriz
Germany 2014, 26 min, file, colour

Das satanische Dickicht – EINS
Willy Hans
Germany 2014, 29 min 30 sec, file, colour


Awards of the NRW Competition

Members of the Jury:
Barbara Fischer-Rittmeyer (Dortmund), Natascha Gikas (Frankfurt/Main), Jens Schneiderheinze (Münster)

Prize for the best contribution to the NRW Competition
1,000 Euros
sponsored by the NRW.Bank

El carro azul
Valerie Heine
Cuba/Germany 2014, 20 min, DCP, colour

A vibrant hand-held camera at a Gay Pride happening, quiet, stringently composed images for the action on Cuba. In a confident style and avoiding all hackneyed Cuban stereotypes, Valerie Heine depicts the rapprochement of two brothers after one of them returns from the USA, with straightforward and sparse dialogue. An old family game serves as the catalyst that brings about their reconciliation. The protagonists’ brilliant acting is another reason why we award our first prize to this masterful film.

Promotional Award of the NRW Competition
500 Euros
sponsored by the NRW.Bank

Molly und Andy
Ceci Leal
Germany 2013, 4 min 30 sek, file, colour

Both the two guinea pigs and the director come from South America. With a light and funny touch, Ceci Leal projects her migration experience – the wrong weather, heavy food, loneliness and homesickness – on the two animals with the big round eyes. With energy and many surprising turns, Radek Vogt illustrates this story in a combination of cutout animation and live action film.

Special Mention

Sonntag, Büscherhöfchen 2
Miriam Gossing, Lina Sieckmann
Germany 2014, 12 min, file, colour

First you hear a sound. Then you see the shutters of a house in the Bergische Land rise. A concept that is followed throughout the film: sound precedes image. Miriam Gossing’s and Lina Sieckmann’s quiet, photographic images take us into an exotic and sultry microcosm that no one would suspect here. They show a finely-tuned sensibility for the placement of the inhabitants in this house and thus in the frame, without exposing them to ridicule.

Prize of the West ART Audience Jury
750 Euros, sponsored by West ART

Good Soil
Sebastian Lemke, Germany 2013, 8 min, file, colour

The documentary film Good Soil deals with a topical issue in this region, while the twins’/gardeners’ fate moves the viewer. And the tragedy is brought home when the excavator appears on their doorstep.


Awards of the 37th Children’s and Youth Film Competition

Prize of the Children’s Jury
1,000 Euros
sponsored by the BERO-Zentrum
Members of the Jury:
Kristina Avdoyan, Matha Akieva, Talal El-Zein, Mimoza Kajtazi, Julien Krasnigi

Naima Mohamud
Finland 2013, 19 min 30 sec, DCP, colour

Most people know that friendship is important. But some situations are almost impossible to cope with without a best friend, which our winning film shows. It also addresses the issue of divorce; we think that is very important. Nonetheless it is first and foremost funny and exciting. It teaches us that we should stick together. In addition, we were thrilled by the music and the great ideas the girls in Fatima have.

evo Promotional Award of the Children’s Jury
1,000 Euros
sponsored by the Energieversorgung Oberhausen AG (evo)

Alles mag
(Anything Goes)
Steven Wouterlood
Netherlands 2014, 23 min, DCP, colour

Our winner is about friendship, love and saying goodbye. And it shows that you need to be pigheaded to be able to do what’s fun. And it was great fun to watch it! The colours are great and the music is cheerful: Tygo, the main protagonist, talks about the carnival in South Holland. Furthermore, one can understand very well how he feels.

Special Mention

Dirty Laundry
Aaron Martinez
USA 2013, 18 min, DCP, colour

Our Special Mention is about courage and overcoming your fears. The film shows that monsters will grow when you’re afraid and can become friends if you face them. The laundry monster and the effects in Dirty Laundry by Aaron Martinez convinced us!


Prize of the Youth Jury
1,000 Euros

Members of the Jury:
Albion Hajdari, Mirco Kaponig, Mattes Müller, Theresa Siebers, Ari Solemon

Jamey’s Gevecht
(Jameys Fight)
Denise Janzée
Netherlands 2013, 15 min, DCP, colour

Our winner illustrates impressively how important it is to believe in yourself and follow your goals. Even though it tells the story of a young man who is coping with very specific problems, it describes themes that concern us all and depicts situations we all know. This high identification value is one of the great strengths of the film for us.
Furthermore, we feel that there was not a single redundant scene. We were thrilled by the brilliantly chosen sequences and the coherent montage as well as by the impressive performance of the main protagonist.
Because this film evoked such diverse emotions in us – we were entertained, touched and thrilled -, we award Jamey’s Gevecht by Denise Janzée the Main Prize of the Youth Jury.

Special Mention

(Little Sun)
Oscar Ruiz Navia
Colombia/Denmark/France 2013, 20 min, DCP, colour

We would like to give our Special Mention to a film whose well thought-out symbolism not only entertained us but made us think. The wealth of details in its beautifully composed images, the credible dialogues and above all its charming protagonists transform this film into a well-rounded work of art. It was the fascinating play with reality and fiction and the question whether this is a documentary or a feature film that made this film exciting and unique for us. In our opinion, Solecito by Oscar Ruiz Navia inspires us to think again who deserves a second chance and whether love can be recharged as easily as a solar lamp.


Certificate of the Ecumenical Jury for a film in the International Children’s and Youth Film Competition
in connection with a recommendation for Matthias Film and the Katholisches Filmwerk to buy the film for their catalogues

Vloeibaar Staal
(Steel Days)
Flynn von Kleist
Netherlands 2013, 24 min, DCP, colour

In the drab environment of a steel mill, Franka takes care of her father and their home. When she meets a young man, the 17-year-old begins to question this life. Vloeibaar Staal is a sensitive portrait of the depressing life and dependence of the young woman. The film also manages to communicate Franka’s longing for freedom and a self-determined life in impressive images.

Oberhausen, 6 May 2014

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